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Trusted Japanese Medicine to the People of the World


We provide safe and reliable Japanese quality to people around the world. We are committed to providing safe and reliable medical care specifically for foreign nationals.


Our main business is medical tourism.There is a lot of demand for this business, including cosmetic medicine, and it will continue to grow.


In addition to medical tourism, other businesses we are involved in.


Since our establishment in 2016, we have been developing our business with a focus on medical tourism. We are looking forward to further growth.


Corporate or individual, inbound inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


Japan offers a wide variety of world-quality products and services. Among them, Japanese medical services are among the best in the world not only in terms of quality but also in terms of safety. The services are equally available to foreigners, and this is a unique opportunity for those who have concerns or doubts about medical care in their own countries.

We want to provide not only medical care, but also various other Japanese qualities to the world. We also offer the best travel experience to foreigners visiting Japan during their stay.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism, with its proven track record, is now experiencing a major wave of growth. Our strength lies in our partnerships with quality clinics and our services include physical examinations, various pathological treatments, cosmetic medicine including stem cell culture and fibroblast, and, as a service that can be received even from your own country, we can provide a second opinion if you send us the medical records you received in your home country.

Recently, we have also been able to introduce hair transplantation, a procedure that, once performed, achieves semi-permanent hair transplantation.

Medical Tourism Settlement Business

Each clinic and medical tourism providers, until Corona, had a lot of challenges there, as most medical tourism payments were made in cash on the same day. We are planning to create a payment mall not only for our business, but for a wide range of businesses to use in this field. Just post your site or a link to our site and you will be able to make various types of payments: we will accept a wide range of the world’s major cards such as VISA and Master, UnionPay cards, Alipay, and even WeChatPay.


The following is a partial list of examples. Please refer to them.

#sending countrydisease nameTreatment amount (10,000 yen)Implementation period
1Vietnambreast cancer1,0002017/9 - 2018/4
lung cancer6002018/6 - 2019/4
3Vietnamliver cancer (esp. hepatoma)6002018/6 - 2019/4
4Chinastomach cancer1,0002018/6 - 2019/4
5Chinacervical cancer1,0002018/6 - 2019/4
6Chinacolorectal cancer1,0002018/6 - 2019/4
7Chinaovarian cancer1,0002018/6 - 2019/4
breast cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
9Vietnamuterine cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
10Vietnambrain tumor5002019/4 - 2020/3
11Vietnambladder cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
#sending countrydisease nameTreatment amount (10,000 yen)Implementation period
12Vietnamlung cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
13Vietnamcolorectal cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
14Vietnampancreatic cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
15Vietnamovarian cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
16Vietnamrectal cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
17Vietnamsigmoid colon cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
18Vietnamcancer of the tongue5002019/4 - 2020/3
19Vietnamprostate cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
20Vietnamuterine cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
21Vietnamskin cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3
22Vietnamliver cancer5002019/4 - 2020/3

Wagyu Export Business

Wagyu beef is now enjoying a global boom. The export of Wagyu, which had been suspended after the damage caused by foot-and-mouth disease, has been lifted in many countries. The export of Wagyu beef, which boasts high quality and traceability, is limited to certain agents due to its complexity, but we have a sales channel for it.

Wagyu Traceability Business

Wagyu beef is controlled by individual identification numbers in Japan, but overseas, this system has not penetrated the market. As a result, there is an abundance of fraudulent exports and products claiming to be Wagyu beef despite the fact that the identity of the cattle is unknown. We are developing a system to combine these cattle with a solid identification number and deliver it to the end consumer.

About Us

  • Company name: Gran Tourism Inc.
  • President and Representative Director: Kojiro Mori
  • Year Established: May 2016
  • Address: Toranomon Hills Business Tower 15F, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Representative number: 03-6807-3640

Top Message

In his teens, he developed a strong interest in foreign countries and traveled around the world as a backpacker, mainly in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. In order to have a professional career, he entered the foreign pharmaceutical industry. He has worked in the healthcare industry for 35 years, interacting with healthcare professionals and colleagues in various countries, researching the healthcare environment in both countries, and working as a sales and marketing planner and product development manager. In order to bridge Japan’s cutting-edge medical technology to the world’s healthcare, he established Grand Tourism Inc. in 2016. Involved in inbound attraction and medical tourism business, medical checkups, treatment, and sightseeing using cutting-edge regenerative medicine is a new type of wellness tourism that pursues Japaneseness combined with psychological care. We will actively engage in unique marketing and on-site production through our inbound attraction support service [Medical Platform], where overseas customers can accept safe, secure, and high-quality medical services.

Kojiro Mori

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